Baltimore Washington MAGLEV Project Public Meetings

A series of five Open Houses are being held between 10/14/17 and 10/25/17.The Open Houses are being held at the following locations. 
The next meetings are at   
Laurel Regional High School Cafeteria,  Tues. , October 24, 2017 (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm) 
Digital Harbor High School, Wed., October 25, 2017 (5 pm - 8pm)

Please attend as many of the meetings as you can to get the latest information on the project and the proposed routes down selected.  This will be your opportunity to ask questions and provide your comments. (  Mdot meeting flyerversion1pdf.pdf) ( MTA Public Meetings How to Comment.pdf )

Download comment letters and tips on providing comments from the  Downloads and Resources ​section .  

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Who We are

What Can You Do

A grassroots group of citizens against this proposed Super Conducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMaglev) train project between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC

The project has cleared the scoping hurdle and an Environmental Impact Study is currently underway. Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail (BWRR) has stated that construction could start as early as 2019 if the study proceeds as scheduled.  NOW is the time to make your voice heard so that we can stop this project before it gets any further.  Join Us. Get Involved.
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Why  SCMaglev a Concern

Questions remain unanswered. Despite the claims being made of the SCMaglev between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC, there may never be  economic or jobs benefit  for the local communities, counties or the state of Maryland. Few if any direct economic benefits to those live along the proposed routes.  No improvement to commuter traffic congestion (automobile or rail).  Disruptions and dislocations of established neighborhoods.  Possibility of destroying and irreparably harming historic sites, recreational areas, and open spaces.  Possible adverse environmental impact. 


Let your friends and neighbors know. Join Us. Take Action.
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