Areas Impacted
Interactive Map of the SCMaglev Routes
Go to for maps

One of the questions being asked is, "Do you know where the route will go?".  The final route has not been decided.  Information on the proposed alternative routes has been provided by the BW SCMaglev Project, and is available on the MTA managed site (  Once there, follow the instructions below to view your address location.     

​1. Go to
2. Put your cursor on the “Project Documents” menu option and choose “Maps”
3. Click on the “Interactive Mapping Tool” choice
4. Enter your address in the “Address Search” box, located in the upper left corner of the map that is shown on the screen, and hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click your cursor on the magnifying glass in the Address Search box.
5. The map will zoom to your address, and mark it with a black dot.
Note: You can remove the legend on the screen by clicking the “X” located in the upper right corner of the Legend Box. You can also remove the “Project Data” window (located on the left side of the screen), by clicking the double arrows (carrots <<) located on the lower right corner of the Project Data window.